Surface Mounting Techonology

3 Dedicated Surface Mounting Technology lines for Pick & Place capability. Japanese machines of Pick & Place give a monthly output of five lac CPH with 3 shifts running. The End-to End SMT lines are aligned with the Re-flow and AOI to ensure complete automation of the Mounting Process.

MI and Wave Soldering

Manual Insertion line with capability of continuous production for through hole components. Along with two wave-soldering actively working for PCB A completion of Drivers. A lead-free soldering is being used for all our PCBA assembly.

Assembly Line

Final assembly of luminaires are done completely in-house with the assembly lines divided for different product lines. With an area of more than 10k sqft. it can encompass more than 200 people of assembly line at the same time.

Testing and Ancillary processes

Electronics processes goes to rigorous testing procedure which has multiple parameters. ATE machines are set-up to ensure that all such parameters are reviewed and passed through before the LED and Drivers move to assembly. Components are prepared from their standard packing to be used in Manual Insertion. A Complete Preforming set-up has been done.

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